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Reducing Tensions, Breaking Barriers, Building Relations Across Cultures

Productive, Profitable, Positive Results

Be it business, government or communities, changing demographics and globalization make intercultural interactions a reality. Cultural Competence, a requirement.

These realities present both opportunities and obstacles.  It is hard.  Frustrations and tensions arise due to miscommunication that can lead to costly mistakes and detrimental decisions. 

Cultural Competence is a competitive advantage that helps you prevent and overcome challenges between a diversity of coworkers, customers and communities!

For 25 years, Luby Ismail is a leading authority and go to expert on cultural competence, religious diversity, Arab cultures, Islamophobia.

“My mission is to make the ‘foreign’, ‘familiar’ to help you overcome communication challenges to work, relate, collaborate across cultures.”

How Connecting Cultures Can Help You?

“Your workshops strengthened our managers to engage with their teams more confidently and effectively to work together and better connect with our customers.”

– Jo M.  CVS

Workshops & Webinars

Seeking to

  • Improve communication across cultural, religious diversity.
  • Prevent costly offenses due to ‘cultural collisions’.
  • Strengthen outreach and relationships with Muslims.

Build cultural competence to improve productivity, save time to meet your goals and mission.



Striving to

  • Motivate and inspire for successful collaboration and change?
  • Launch a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative?
  • Reinforce the theme for a business event, cultural conference?

Luby is an unforgettable, exceptional speaker guaranteed to encourage and uplift audiences for unity.  Invited by Walt Disney World, Microsoft, Washington National Cathedral, the White House, World Trade Center Institute to name a few.



Searching to

  • Pursue a career in intercultural communication.
  • Speak with ease, impact, improve your presentations.
  • Balance and integrate home life with professional pursuits.

An interculturalist, a mom-entrepreneur, Luby founded Connecting Cultures after the birth of her first child over 20 years ago.  A determined and driven mother with Multiple Sclerosis, let Luby help you.


Meet Luby

A leading authority in Cultural Competence, Diversity, Inclusion, Islamophobia and Arab cultures, Luby is identified as a trusted go-to expert by Walt Disney World, Sodexo, CVS, Microsoft and US Departments of State and Justice. Founder and President of Connecting Cultures, Luby is an intercultural trainer for 25 years. 

As a reputable expert, Luby appears on national and international media including American Muslims Facts Not Fiction with 8 million views. She has published on Cultural Competence and Arab Cultures. Luby is a National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International Member. Luby’s award-winning work enlightens and empowers with her charismatic and powerful platform on diversity, equity and inclusion for business making and peacebuilding!

Connecting Cultures has inspired thousands of individuals and companies worldwide…