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Public Speaking 101

The #1 fear is public speaking. Luby has been speaking publicly for 3 decades. Does that mean she was born with these traits?  No!  Speaking is a skill that requires training and practice. 

Whether you’re new to delivering presentations or a seasoned Toastmaster, Luby’s personalized style of evaluation and encouragement will improve your storytelling and speaking skills at work, home and community. 

Luby will help you:

  • Evaluate speaking strengths and struggles.
  • Gain constructive feedback to improve.
  • Prepare and practice delivery of speeches or presentations.
  • Build confidence to give impromptu talks.
  • Maximize power of your voice, vocabulary and gestures.
  • Strengthen your role as a leader.
“Luby instilled me with confidence by her empathetic ear and exceptional encouragement.”

Intercultural Communication

Do you have the passion for Intercultural Communication and International Relations? What opportunities exist in the field? My journey featured in Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange and Development, I want to encourage you.

Let Luby coach you to

  • Gain an opportunity to be heard.
  • Explore career possibilities in the field.
  • Develop successful strategies to live and work in this field.
  • Set plan for a purposeful career.

Watch why Luby pursued Intercultural Communication

“I want to give you the wealth of resources to enrich and empower you. I promise to coach with my ears, eyes, mind and heart.

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Worklife Balance & Integration

Seeking less stress? Want to explore how to INTEGRATE your professional and personal pursuits with more balance?

Luby faced this dilemma after the birth of my first child and my employer only approved 6 weeks maternity leave. Before cell phones, internet and the concept of “worklife balance”, she took a risk and resigned.

“I will coach, guide and explore possibilities with you to live a more full life between family and career!”