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“This was a superb presentation!  Helped me to feel more comfortable in dealing with differences.”

“Very good speaker, good use of life experiences for presentations.”

“Excellent presentation!”

“Exceptional speaker.  Able to build empathy and understanding.”

“Superb presentation!  And Luby and her experiences are inspirational.”

“Quite eye-opening.  I know I’ll use a lot of what Luby said and will definitely deal with people much more openly and without trepidation.”

“Excellent speaker, interesting, useful, passionate.”

“Luby was great.  Have her back.  She can do more types of training for the Agency.”

“This session really made me aware of the issue concerning us.”

“Great session.  I think a lot of the staff will appreciate the training!”

“Very passionate – very enlightening.”

“Excellent briefing –relevance and actionable to our workplace and our relationship building skills.”

“Best so far!”

“Inspiring, definite message.”

“Wow!  This presentation was very enlightening and educational.”

“Very interesting outlook and perspective.”

“Extremely moving presentation.”

“Her presentation was very inspirational.  She could also do well as a motivational speaker.”

“Enjoyed how she applied her personal challenges to the (real-life training  story is key to learning).”

“Best yet –  related to workplace!  “A true inspiration

“Great job of relating her story to implications for interaction with others.”

“By far the best presenter and presentation.”

“Very good speaker – used real-life experiences – very beneficial – need more speakers like her.”

“Excellent presentation.  You taught me so much- all so very useful – Thank you Luby – you excel much”

“The best presentation – a discussion of diversity that spoke positively about what brings us together as well as what differentiates us:  That’s diversity. Really excellent presentation!  Luby did the best job of any of the presenters including all the information she wanted to convey. It was seamless and had a wonderful and powerful because of sustained focused content and message.”

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